Pairing process not complete


You are having trouble getting your unit connected and paired to the "blue" normal operating state.


Pairing the controller to your Blossom Account can only be accomplished once the Controller has obtained a network connection to our servers. The indication that the device is on the network and ready to pair is a "pulsing" green indication. If you are seeing a different indication, you may have network issues. Please see the articles for various color indications for more help.


If you have the pulsing green indication, launch the Blossom app on your mobile device and tap the “Reconnect Device” option in the main menu.  From here enter the 6 digit pairing code found in a stick in your Quick Start Guide and on the inside case of the Blossom controller.  

Once both devices are online and the code is correct, the pairing process is complete and the LED status light will turn blue.